Juri Lotman’s centenary in UNESCO anniversaries programme

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28. February 2022

Project “Facinating Lotman”


August – September 2022

Travelling exhibition “Journey in Juri Lotman’s semiosphere” (Thessaloniki)

Thessaloniki, Greece


30. August – 3. September 2022

Celebrations of Juri Lotman’s 100th anniversary at the 15th World Congress of Semiotics

Thessaloniki, Greece


September 2022

Special Issue of deSignis journal "Semiotics of Culture: from Yuri Lotman to the future. Towards a cultural typology of the present time"


Spanish, Portuguese

October 2022

Roundtable “Juri Lotman’s legacy today”

Moscow, All-Russian State Library for Foreign Literature named after M. I. Rudomino


October 2022

Special issue of Social Semiotics journal „Sociosemiotic Critique. A Lotmanian Perspective“


October 2022

Travelling exhibition “Journey in Juri Lotman’s semiosphere” (Paris)

Paris, France

French and English

26. – 28. October 2022

International Seminar „Semiotics of Unpredictability“

University of Sao Paulo, Brazil and online

English, Portuguese, Spanish

30 June 2022

#STUDSEMIOTICDAY 2022 – “My Lotman“


Russian, English, French and Spanish

June-July 2022

Special issue of the journal Slovo.ru: Baltic accent „Lessons to learn: Celebrating the centenary of Yuri Lotman“


May – June 2022

International competition exhibition “Isikupära/Individuality ’22, theme: Juri Lotman”

Haapsalu Cultural Centre

Estonian, English

Haapsalu Graafilise Disaini Festival

April – July 2022

Lotman lectures

online, Germany

German, English

April 2022

International seminar dedicated to Juri Lotman’s works on art

Ca’ Foscari University of Venice


April – May 2022

Archive Lessons „Juri Lotman 100“ for schools

Tallinn University or online

Estonian, Russian and English

March 2022

Opening of the online platform dedicated to Juri Lotman


Estonian, English, Russian

14 March 2022

Roundtable “Lotman and Ivanov: (trans)national project of semiotics” 


6. märts 2022

Lotman's favourite film in Elektriteater

Elektriteater, Tartu

eesti, itaalia

Premiere 28. February 2022

Theater production “Lotman”

Narva, Tallinn, Tartu, Viljandi

Estonian, Russian

27 February 2022

Publication “К 100-летию Ю.М. Лотмана” in international series Acta Slavica Estonica



Opening 25 February 2022

Exhibition “Fate and epoch: Juri Lotman”

Tallinn University

Estonian, Russian and English

11 February 2022

Special Issue of the journal Akadeemia dedicated to Juri Lotman



4. February – 20. April 2022

Exhibition "Journey in Juri Lotman's semiosphere"

Estonian National Museum, Tartu

Estonian, Russian, English

Näituse „Rännak Lotmani semiosfääris“ plakat

February 2022

Special Issue of the journal Lexia. Rivista Internazionale di Semiotica „Re-thinking Juri Lotman in the Twenty-First Century“

English, Italian, French, Spanish

February 2022

Publication of „The Companion to Juri Lotman“

London, United Kingdom


Veebruar 2022

Exhibition of Lotman's books in Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg, Russia

February 2022

Publication of Juri Lotman’s collection of works „Le Muse fanno il girotondo“



Opens 28 February 2022

Online special course on Juri Lotman on Arzamas Academy



28 February 2022

Juri Lotman’s 100th anniversary. Public ceremony at University of Tartu

University of Tartu, Estonia

27 February – 29 May 2022

Exhibition „Juri Lotman – Professor of Tartu University“

University of Tartu Library

Estonian, Russian and English

25. February – 28. February 2022

International congress „Juri Lotman’s Semiosphere”

Tallinn and Tartu, Estonia

English and Russian

28. October 2021

Memorial Evening of Juri Lotman

Tallinn University, Estonia


October 2021

UT Orienteering Month


Estonian, English and Russian

September – December 2021

Lecture series „Juri Lotman today: Multidisciplinary perspectives“

Tallinn University