Lotman revisitado. Perspectivas latinoamericanas

Lotman's ideas revisited by two generations of Latin American semioticians.

К 100-летию Ю.М. Лотмана. Acta Slavica Estonica, XIV

The 14th volume of Acta Slavica Estica is dadicated to the centenary of Juri Lotman.

Dialoog ekraaniga

Estonian translation of "Dialogue with the Screen" by Juri Lotman and Juri Tsivjan.

Vene kultuuri semiootika. Valik artikleid

Semiotics of Russian Culture. Selected papers. Collection of papers written by Juri Lotman and Boris …

Vestlused Lotmaniga

Collection of all Juri Lotman's interviews. In Estonian.

The Companion to Juri Lotman

The volume explores the main facets of Lotman's work and his main ideas in the …